MUNICH: October 6, 2017
Hegumen Evfimy (Logvinov) Reposes in the Lord

At 3:15 pm on October 5, 2017, Hegumen Evfimy (Logvinov), resident and clergyman of St Job of Pochaev Monastery in Munich, reposed in the Lord at the age of 64.

Fr Evfimy’s monastic-rite funeral will be held at the monastery on Tuesday, October 10, after Divine Liturgy (approximately 6:45 am). At 10 am, he will be interred at Munich-Obermenzing Cemetery.


Fr Evfimy was born Evgeny Vasilievich Logvinov on September 30, 1953 in Moscow. Before entering a monastery, he worked at the Igor Grabar All-Russian Restoration Science Center, specializing in ancient Russian tempera painting as a senior scientist. )

During the third week of Great Lent in 1990, he joined the Monastery of St Job of Pochaev in Munich, Germany.

On February 13/26, 1991, Novice Evgeny was tonsured to the rassa by Archbishop Mark of Berlina and Germany, and during Great Lent, on March 10/23, 1993, he was ordained to the mantle and given the name Evfimy after St Evfimy, hhh of Novgorod. That year he was ordained a reader.

On August 28/September 9, 1993, Monk Evfimy was ordained a Subdeacon, on October 28/November 10, the feast day of the monastery, he was ordained a hierodeacon.

On Bright Tuesday in 2001 (April 4/17), he was ordained a hieromonk by Archbishop Mark at the monastery.

Fr Evfimy humbly accepted all sorts of monastic obediences: he celebrated divine services on a daily basis, he accommodated pilgrims, answered questions on spiritual matters, and shared cooking and cleaning duties with the other monks.

Almost all the clergymen of the diocese serve at the monastery after their ordination, many considered him their spiritual guide and teacher. Fr Evfimy served as President of the Spiritual Court of the Germany Diocese for many years.

Fr Evfimy’s erudition helped him explain monastic tradition and the history of St Job’s Monastery: he wrote several articles on the monastery and collected archival material. Fr Evfimy would be approached for consultation during the painting of the frescoes of the Munich cathedral and other restoration projects.

In 2007, Hieromonk Evfimy was elevated to the rank of hegumen (abbot), and in 2015 awarded the ornamented pectoral cross.

Fr Evfimy had recently been very ill. On the day of his death, Fr Evfimy partook of the Holy Gifts of Christ. The first pannikhidas were performed on the day of his death, and Gospel readings began over his body.


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