JORDANVILLE, NY: March 30, 2017
A New Biography on Martyr Alexander Schmorell is Published

Holy Trinity Publications is overjoyed to announce the publication of the first biography in the English language of Saint Alexander of Munich. Written by Matushka Elena Perekrestov, Alexander Schmorell: Saint of the German Resistance offers both a gripping historical narrative and a glimpse of the spiritual heights reached by this shining beacon of the Russian diaspora.

Born in Orenburg on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, Alexander Schmorell fled to Munich with his family in 1921. Along with other members of the WWII-era resistance group "White Rose," Alexander was executed in 1943 for composing and disseminating pamphlets critical of the Nazi regime and of the anti-Christian basis of its ideology.

St Alexander was canonized in 2012 as a locally-venerated saint. The rite of Glorification took place at the Cathedral of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia in Munich, which providentially stands just feet from the grave of the Holy Martyr.

An earlier account of St Alexander’s life by the same author was serialized from 2013 - 2014 in the journal Orthodox Life. The newly-published work has been substantially revised and expanded with new research. The biography is available in print from Holy Trinity Bookstore or from any online bookseller. Wholesale discounts are available from the publisher.


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