CANADIAN DIOCESE: December 29, 2014
Protopriest Michael Luboschinsky Reposes in the Lord

Editors: The following is the text on the death of Protopriest Michael Luboschinsky published today by the Ruling Bishop of the Canadian Diocese, His Eminence Archbishop Gabriel:

To All Reverend Rectors, Clergymen and Parishioners of the Canadian Diocese
of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia:

It is with heartfelt sorrow that we report that on the night of Sunday, December 15/28, 2014, after a serious illness, a faithful servant at the Altar, Protopriest Michael Luboschinsky departed to the Lord. He was the rector of our Protection Parish in Hamilton, Ontario.

Next year would have marked the 20th anniversary of his priestly ordination. The newly-departed Fr Michael was ordained at a mature age, entering into the clerical service with full appreciation of the responsibility he was assuming, with readiness to fulfill his obedienace, and without straying a single iota from his vows and the Holy Canons, remained a staunch and pious zealot.

The late Fr Michael is survived by a grieving Matushka Joanna and two adult children, Alexei and Anna, as well as many spiritual children who loved and honored him, whose sadness we share.

I ask all Reverend Rectors and clergymen to commemorate our newly-reposed brother, Protopriest Michael.

Archbishop of Montreal and Canada

15/28 December 2014 The Sunday of the Holy Forefathers


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