Metropolitan Hilarion Heads a Meeting on Raising Qualifications of Clergy and Officers of the Australia-New Zealand Diocese

On Thursday, June 5, 2012, at 6:00 pm, after a moleben for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, all the clergy and lay people headed by His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion began a strategic planning meeting in the hall of the Croydon Parish.

After prayer, Vladyka encouraged everyone who had gathered to raise all pertinent strategic issues which they felt should be addressed in the Diocese. Protopriest Michael Protopopov led the meeting and all relevant issues were put up for discussion. Most people raised concerns about youth, education (religious and general), finances, missionary work, monasticism, the life of the Diocese and the liturgical life of parishes.

At the end of the meeting, Vladyka thanked everyone. He added that the issues raised would be discussed by the Diocesan Council and reviewed for potential implementation.

After prayer, the clergy and attendees gathered together and talked in the warm atmosphere that had been generated. All agreed that they were all here for the same reason: to see their Diocese grow and develop for the greater glory of God.
On Friday, June 6, 2012, parish clergy and delegates began gathering at the Parish Hall of SS Peter and Paul Cathedral in Strathfield. Delegates registered and received a very well-compiled compendium of information relevant to church wardens, treasurers and senior sisters.

On the agenda for Friday and the first half of Saturday, were Governance, Diocesan Statutes and Synodal Protocols, Risk Management, Insurance, Financial Manual, Compliance Policies and Procedures and Statutes for Sisterhood. On Friday morning after prayer, Fr Nicholas Karipoff delivered an introduction to the day’s proceedings. He stated the Christian principles upon which all these items were based. Fr Michael led most of the agenda items, assisted by Nick Nedachin, Diocese Treasurer and Vera Wheat, Diocesan Office Administrator.
The day proceeded fruitfully and much was learned by clergy and all delegates who were present. It was evident that all parishes understood this conference to be of importance. This was evident by the number of parishes that were represented. A wonderful dinner was prepared by the Cathedral Sisterhood following a hard day of intense learning.

Saturday, June 7, 2012 was dedicated to completing remaining agenda items from Friday. Fr Nicholas delivered an introduction to the Senior Sister’s Statutes. Feedback on the conference was sought from all delegates and constructive and innovative suggestions were made for future conferences and the Triennial Diocesan Assembly.

At the completion of this busy session, Vladyka thanked everyone for their attendance and desire to improve the work of the Church. He prayed that we all go back to our parishes with renewed energy and desire to work in the parish. Everyone left to meet their flights and depart to their homes and parishes with a renewed zeal in their hearts.

A big thank you was expressed to all the organizers of this conference for the work they did. In particular, Fr Michael Protopopov, Vera Wheat, Nick Nedachin, Dimitri Roudenko, the Cathedral Sisterhood and all who assisted with this Conference. May God grant them many years!


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